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No, Im not here for family ties. It wasnt that I wasnt looking forward to meeting my relatives, but I really dont think I should be meeting them after all thats happened. Im not doing good enough work. Why do the corporations know more about medicine than doctors do. So I go back home, just to try and be around my family. After a week I have been called in for an emergency visit to a specialist. Doctor, I have some bad news for you, and good news. Im going to have to terminate your operating license. This isnt something I do lightly, I go in with a good idea of what Im going to do before I do it. However, I think Ive found a better and permanent solution to your medical problems. Your problems dont just stem from your eyesight, they stem from some long gone genetic abnormality. I know, so theyre still able to talk, so what. They were all humans, and just like you were, they were born with a genetic condition that prevented their eyes from functioning normally. Now all the women in my family are finally able to see. Now this might not necessarily solve all of your medical problems, but its a good start. Since were going to be doing this right now, I think you should go and see my mother and get your tubes tied. We wont be seeing each other for some time. Now then, I guess Ive got a lot to think about, I guess I better start thinking about where Im going to go. I think Ill just start over in the city. My brother and sister-in-law are currently in New York living happily ever after. I also have a few ideas if I get stuck, but if I dont, well so be it, Ive been a failure as far as my ambitions to be a doctor is concerned. You cant work so hard, its not worth it. You stop your work and stand up. You feel like throwing your hands up in defeat and saying the truth. Its not worth it sir, You say with confidence. Its not that I dont want to help, I just cant right now.

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