Android phone users urged to watch out or bank account may be emptied

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People with Android phones have been urged to look out for five warning alerts that could mean they are at risk of a scam.

The warning messages appear when a person tries to access a website, and Google is urging those who see them not to proceed to the website as their device may be susceptible to phishing or malware attacks as a result.

These are the five warnings Android users should look out for:

‘The site ahead contains malware’

Google recommends a person who sees this warning should get off the website immediately, as malware can disrupt a device’s performance.

Victims of malware attacks may lose control of their device leaving them vulnerable to fraud and scams.

Criminals often use malware attacks to take information such as personal details or banking information.

‘Deceptive site ahead’

Google will apply this banner if the search engine believes the website is operating a phishing scheme.

The company warns these deceptive sites can “try to trick you into doing something dangerous online”, often duping a person into handing over sensitive information.

‘Suspicious site’

Consumers may want to note that websites given this tag are suspected of scamming users.

A website will get this tag if Google has not fully validated that the site is running fraudulent activity.

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‘The site ahead contains harmful programs’

This warning is issued when the site asks visitors to download programs for free which can be harmful to a device.

The software may be fraudulent and may cause problems when a user wants to make future internet searches.

‘This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources’‌

Google will create this warning for a website that is not deemed to be secure. The term ‘load script’ refers to how webpages are loaded onto a device.

This includes how the site arranges advertising and page layout, and so it is important these features are secure and reliable.‌

HMRC warned Tax Credit claimants to be wary of fraud at this time of year as people have to renew to continue claiming the benefit.

Claimants will have started receiving the annual pack with a deadline to return their applications by July 31.

A statement from the tax authority said: “Criminals use deadlines, like the one for Tax Credits renewals, to trick people who might be expecting to hear from HMRC into sharing their banking or other personal details.”

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