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ANDROID owners have been warned over a new alert that will flag if someone is stalking them.

A new feature is being rolled out to the devices, letting users know if a common gadget is being misused to track their movements.

Devices like Apple AirTags use a Bluetooth signal to transmit their location.

They are meant to be used to keep track of valuable items, but sinister stalkers have been reported to use them to follow their victims.

Now, though, Google is patching in a new safety feature on their mobile devices to prevent this.

Once the update is installed, your phone will notify you if any unknown Bluetooth devices are "travelling with you".


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Tapping on the notification will take you to a map telling you where the device was placed on your person and the route you have taken since then.

There will also be an option to make the device play a sound so you can locate it and remove it if needed.

Your phone will then offer advice on what to do next and give the option of calling police, while also suggesting you manually turn off the device.

This feature currently only works with AirTags but is set to be expanded to similar products in the near future.

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It comes after a similar update was issued for iPhone users to combat the problem of Bluetooth tracker stalking.

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