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ARTIFICIAL intelligence (AI) has revealed what group 'selfies' might have looked like in different time periods.

Offering a glimpse into the past is just the tip of the iceberg for image generating AI.

Reddit user @_m0us316_ posted the long string of ancient selfies, as though a time traveller had shown people from various time periods what a 'selfie' is.

They used a popular AI image generator known as Midjourney.

All users need to do is input a text-based prompt and let the machine do the rest.

The images have garnered thousands of likes on Reddit for likening people from completely different time periods to humans of the 21st Century.


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"It's a reminder that our humanness is something special which transcends time," said one Redditor.

"Not to mention all the beautiful yet different cultures, which all share that one same humanness.

"It's almost like they're reaching out to us saying 'we were here too, and we were just like you guys'. It's really beautiful."

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