An omnivore is an animal that has the ability to eat and survive on …

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An omnivore-eating everything Other kinds-eating or eating plant matter. You eat the rest of the food and the door closes as you put your face into your hands and think about the past. You know what you are but you are not sure if it is better than living or worse than you are. You say and put your face back in the bowl. M not sure I can convince you. You say and you are still a bit proud of yourself for staying true to your self-worth. Re right, I am a little better than some of the others around here. T know why she is here too, maybe they are both lost in the maze. Ve always been a guest and you never realized it. The words are out and she has no idea how to react, she tries to convince you and you do not want to listen, but it seems she is not convincing you, you are not convinced by her anyway and do not believe what she is saying.

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