An oligarchy is a power structure that allows a few businesses, families, …


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You do nothingWhatever you do, youll do it for yourself. But the problem is, you cant do much, and the people dont seem to expect you to do much of anything anymore, so you just go back to being an average normal everyday person. Itll be fine, youve got a good lifestyle under control now. While youre being productive and avoiding the world, the sun just keeps setting while you stay in your dark house. You begin to wonder whether its time to go to work, but then you think of something that might be good to do. Youve got a lot of time to do so, youll start by going in the local town. Some place where you could start working and improve your life even more. The problem is, you dont know whats going on in the town, you just know that there are jobs, and you need to get one right now. You cant waste time, you have to move fast. You leave your house and head to the shop. You townYoure glad when you see an empty street. You walk down the street until you reach an old building of about a hundred years, it looks like it was used to make furniture, but most likely not. The only thing interesting about it is the old statue, which you cant understand the meaning of. It doesnt look like the same statue on any map youve seen, so you dont know much else about it. Eventually after walking for a while, you see a small open door with a sign that says Employment. You can see a blackboard on the wall, which has a list of words. You can only guess that it says Hiring. You can see a couple of posters hanging on the wall. Theyre black and white, with the word Job in the middle and Pay beside it. You think that maybe its some sort of job fair, but the posters say nothing about jobs, just saying Hiring. You enter the shopYou walk inside the shop, and the receptionist gives you a small metal stick, which looks like one of those sticks that can be used to take medicine from the pharmacy. Ive been trying to get an employee to work here for weeks. I was told that I dont have any staff here, but I found one who could start right now. Ill find another job for you, or Ill work for.

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