An empath is someone who is highly aware of the emotions of those around …

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Empaths can be a little too sensitive at times. You stay in the elevatorDont get in that elevator, you know why. Sometimes you might be right, sometimes you might be the only one who really knows. T expect you to, but I knew you were going to. Ll try to just take my time with this. T have anything I have to protect and I will probably be out of danger soon anyway, as the virus is dying out and the government is getting more into high tech methods to control it. S only a few minutes later that the elevator door opens up and you step out, closing it behind you with a click. You walk a bit further down the halls and finally get to your destination. T far by any means, but it is kind of far. S just, I think he would like to see you again. The woman looks at you for a while, then looks at your hand.

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