Amino acids are organic compounds that contain amine, -NH2, and carboxyl, -…

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You are right, there are no essential amino acids in all the whole world. Ah, a lie you tell so easily. You are not right, because Amino acids are essential. Amino acids are molecules that exist in nature, they are not compounds that exist as the combinations of atoms. There are no compounds in nature that have all essential amino acids. The fact that you dont understand this simple fact reveals your low intelligence. Your lack of intelligence in this matter of fact fact is what makes you think you are right. Of course you are correct, if there were no non-essential amino acids there would be nothing for you to eat. Everything you eat would be the combination of amino acids. So if you could live forever you could live without eating anything. Because of your lack of intelligence, you have no reason to live. You have no reason to eat anything that doesnt have a minimum level of protein, the amount of protein you need to eat to be healthy. Now why do you think you might need all the amino acids. If your immune system doesnt work right, then proteins help you live. I mean, what more could you want than good immune system. You need all the amino acids, not just some. If your immune system could only survive without proteins, then every living thing would be a miracle worker. Your immune system works fine without proteins and it would work fine without every living thing. This means there is some sort of balance that must be maintained in all living things. There is no reason to require them all, just enough and you can survive without food. Humans have a small amount of non-essential amino acids and the rest are in high levels. Whats more, when you eat foods without proteins they dont create as much waste. You just need the essential amino acids. You dont require the most important amino acids, you can survive without them and there is enough energy to keep your body going, because everything is self-sufficient and self-sustaining. You can be just like the plants that have no need for any other protein and produce everything they need to sustain themselves. Then you could live without eating anything. When you eat plants you consume only the most essential ingredients like chlorophyll, nitrogen, iron, sulfur, magnesium and other materials that plants use, not the amino acids that nature gives you. Your lack of intelligence is evident as your desire to believe you have so much more capability than plants. Plants grow only when there is enough light to allow them to grow, when there is no light to grow they die.

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