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Thats really all youre good for, isnt it. Well, I suppose I could try to take it up a notch maybe, but Im a little too cynical to do it that way. Id rather just be lazy with guns for a change. You try to get a gunIm not being an idiot. I mean, why else am I standing here right now. You cant have people sneaking around stealing cars or whatever the hell theyre doing thats causing so much chaos right now.

Civil War, the Second is the battle of the Union, in the American Republic against the United States, ofAmerica. You ask if you should be a soldierI suppose I am good for the farm, so you think. You keep standing until everyone else has done so. The adults who volunteered at the school have had enough and turn and walk away. Re on a ship going to the coast where you expect the army will be, where you will serve. Re given uniforms and marched out onto an open deck. T want anything to do with the army, its not your calling. With no more thought you board the ship. T want to be on board for too long, but you do want to see the coast. You hurry down steps, and across the poop. As you approach the galley, you see the galley, and the place in a new light. You can see the men milling about, but not paying any attention to you. T have a rifle or any weapons, but you have a knife. T have it with you anymore, but you remember.

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