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The site will provide a real-time view of the current state of the market, along with other important market information. Email: A lot of info you can get from this kind of email. RSS feeds: Get a notification when a new posting is made to the site. Hot links: Follow links on the site to access the most recent posts. News: Follow news from various sources in the world and elsewhere. Topics: Discuss various ideas with other people. Private message: Post private messages to get a more personal touch with people. DescriptionThe new edition of this classic fantasy role-playing game features a streamlined rules set, a streamlined play experience, and a streamlined art direction that brings the characters to vivid life. You play one of ten races in the world of Krynndwarves, humans, elves, halflings, gnomes, half-elves, halflings, and orcs, each with their own racial characteristics and strengths and weaknesses. Races can be mixed and matched to create very powerful characters. But there is a dark secret lurking at the heart of the races. A secret that threatens to tear the world as we know it apart.

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