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AMAZON has perfected the art of automating human lives with its smart home technology.

Beyond the Echos and the Sonos, the tech giant's Fire Stick has a nifty feature that can automate your life even further – and save you money.

It's a routine feature that can make you feel like you've been plucked from the present and dropped into the future.

Imagine waking up to BBC Breakfast playing on your telly as you waltz into the living room on a Sunday morning.

How about CBeebies for the kids when they return home from school?

Amazon’s Routine function on the Fire Stick is the go-to to make the device set up your perfect morning, and eradicate the hassle of shorting through channels when you're dealing with yoghurt-y lunchboxes.


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Routines can really simplify your day – and night.

You can easily set a sleep timer with your voice alone, which can save the telly raging on into the night and driving up your energy bills in the process.

Amazon's other smart telly devices, such as Fire TV Cube and Fire TV itself are also compatible with this feature.

The tech giant has even partnered with broadcasters like iHeartRadio and NPR, as well as wellness app Headspace for curated, downloadable routines users don't have to create themselves.

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The feature is found inside the Alexa app, which is available on both iOS and Android devices.

To access it, simply open the app and find the Routine feature under the More section.

Then press the + button to add a new routine to your day.

From there, you can set actions to your key phrases, never having to leave the sofa again.

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