Amazon announces popular app is closing down next month and fans are 'gutted' they spent so much money on it | The Sun

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AMAZON has revealed it is closing down one of its apps in a matter of weeks.

Fans of the service have not reacted well to the news, saying the alternative on offer is a "sub-par experience".

The firm's Comixology app has a legion of loyal users who have stuck around even though Amazon's plans have been obvious for some time.

Now the retailer is putting the final in Comixology's coffin, announcing that it'll retire on December 4.

Comixology is popular among comic book, manga and graphic novel fans.

It's been going since 2007 and was acquired by Amazon in 2014.

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Anything people have bought through the service will be transferred to the Amazon Kindle app.

'Literally nobody wants this'

But some say the app is "too complicated and cluttered".

And although they get to keep their purchases they regret spending thousands over the years thinking it was safe within the app they love.

Others have said it'll take them forever to redownload all their content in the Kindle app too.

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One annoyed user wrote on Reddit: "This is just laughable how they destroyed a super functioning tech."

Another said: "Not to get all melodramatic, but Comixology, and the thousands of comics I have read on it, quite literally saved my life when I was at one of my all time lows.

"The app had an identity; it felt like going to a friend’s house to hang out and just escape for a while."

A third added: "Literally nobody wants this, and it only makes things messier for both mediums. I just don't understand.

"Comics and books do not organize the same way, so why try to cram them into the same app?"

An alert now appears on the app, saying: "We're merging with Kindle.

"On 12/04 we'll be retiring the Comixology app.

"All your content is already available on Kindle, including your current reading progress."

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