‘Amazing’ 10p item that removes tea cup stains in ‘two minutes’

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Daily Express details how to remove tea stains without bleach

Tea and coffee cups that have brown marks inside them are caused by tannins. These are a type of plant compound naturally found in foods and drinks, such as tea, coffee, chocolate and wine. While tannins don’t stain mugs immediately, this will happen over time. Some people choose to bleach the inside of their mugs to banish the stains, but bleach doesn’t remove tannin buildup, it will only mask it. Cleaning enthusiasts have taken to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page to share their top tips.

Some people choose to bleach the inside of their mugs to banish the stains, but bleach does not get rid of the tannin build-up, it will only lighten the area. 

Kiera Parsons took to the social media page to ask: “What is the best way to clean tea and coffee cups that are badly stained inside?”

Instead of bleaching cups or scrubbing them, which can be time-consuming, Mrs Hinch fans recommended using a dishwasher tablet.

Sadie Miller said: “A dishwasher tablet and dissolve in water. Leave for a few minutes and the marks will be gone. I also do my teapot this way.”

Grace Allen commented: “Dishwasher tablet, soak with boiling water. Does an amazing job after two minutes and there’s no need to scrub the marks.”

Caroline Ralph said: “Small piece of a dishwasher tablet, I keep a box with broken pieces in, drop in cups with boiling water.”

Dorothy Shearer wrote: “A dishwasher tablet and boiling water, leave to soak for a few minutes, then just wash as normal.”

Carol Mellor replied: “Dishwasher tablet or washing powder with hot water should get rid of it.”

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Dishwasher tablets are designed to tackle hard water, remove stains and dissolve grease, so are great to use in this situation.

The hack requires no scrubbing whatsoever, once the time is up the cup simply needs rinsing out.

A pack of 30 dishwasher tablets can be picked up from Asda and Sainsbury’s for £3, which works out to 10p per tablet.

Other Mrs Hinch fans claimed that denture tablets work in a similar way to remove tea and coffee cup stains.

Sharon Cullis said: “Denture tablets are really good. Or you can use a dishwasher tablet. Just don’t use bleach.”

Rachel Jones said: “I soak them in denture tablets (I use the Tesco ones), put one in every wash and don’t have stained cups.”

Ozzie Oswald wrote: “Denture tablets or equivalent. Put hot water in the cup and put a tablet in and leave for a few hours.”

Another way to remove tea and coffee cup stains is to use Astonish’s Clean and Revive powder, which retails for £3 at Ocado and Morrisons. This works out as 10p per use as 15g is all that’s needed for each cup.

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Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Olivia Young, Astonish’s Cleaning Chemist, said: “This is a unique product, especially formulated to restore products to their original form and negate the chances of having to spend on replacements. 

“To use, add half a tablespoon per tea cup and then place into the sink. This will ensure no spillages occur when the powder reacts with the hot water and the foaming action occurs. 

“Once the hot water has been added, leave to cool for one to two hours.”

Unlike stain remover and dish soap, the expert claimed: “There’s no need to scrub as the foaming action does this all for you.”

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