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Heliocentric system: The Sun is taken to be at a central point of the Solar System. Youll have to excuse our loss of a loyal employee. The Engineer smiles, a face only possible on the surface of a waterworld. The Aperture Science Enrichment Center, I am afraid. I trust youve already taken a tour of the place. Yes, you say automatically, turning towards the Engineer.

The You ask how the universe startedYou start by asking, What, in your opinion, caused the universe to start. You see that the man stares back down, as you try to keep your voice soft. Though youre not sure if the fact youre smiling with the other man is funny to his hearing. He responds somewhat hesitantly, though he hasnt stopped watching you. Well, you dont know, but you do have a theory, right. He says in an annoyed tone, though hes trying to keep a professional tone. So, if you think I can answer your question, let me ask myself a scientific question. I would have to see what evidence you have, but I dont think. I have evidence on multiple levels that proves Im a scientist, but I want to know, what happened. There is no use in playing the I dont know card to fool this man, who is truly interested in the question at hand. He begins, but you interrupt him by saying, It appears that Im at a loss of what to say. Thats very kind of you, sir, you say, trying to sound genuine, even though youre not really feeling that way. The man still insists on the question, but now he begins to sweat. The man now sits down on a nearby chair, trying to compose himself. Do you intend to tell me your name and where youre from, sir. He asks, more interested in the question that the answer to it. I only tell you my name, sir, you respond, though you realize that is indeed the problem. I dont have much, sir, you add quietly. He cries out, clearly struggling to find the right words to say. Im telling you, sir, Im from a planet.

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