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It is most likely the best cannabis you can get. A Heart Heart Heart heart heart heart. Maybe Ill come back to a review later. Ill probably get a lot of comments with people saying thats good, and Ill probably say nah, thats shit. But I am curious, are there a lot of people who are fans of CBD and would like to see it more. Is it because there are people who grow it and smoke it that its hard to find. I know it was hard to find, I was in New Hampshire for a while the last time I grew it, but I know theres strains that are grown there, and its the same way in California. Im also curious if this is really CBD or the other things Ive mentioned and its just the name thats causing some people to be turned off to it. I have never smoked anything like this before, but its more on the sweet side so that could be the reason. Ill definitely check in on this again after a few weeks. You wait, itll be here soonA few weeks later, I checked on it again and its here. It is in a bigger grow tent than I was able to get to previously and I got it in two days. It is much bigger than I thought, maybe around a pound now and is in its own little plastic pod with lots of plastic tubing coming out of it. When I first tried it, I took it out of the growing tent and gave it a sniff.

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