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You cant believeOnt you:enjoysitting in a office 8, The last two sentences on this page, along with the AltaGas link that follows, are not written by you. It could be another writer, or it could be a computer program that is reading your mind. You have no way of knowing, and for all you know it could be a virus. Its not like you can let it run your life or anything. You dont even care if it infects the computer. But if it is the other writer, that writer could be trying to get you to do something. Maybe its trying to tell you to do something bad. Maybe it wants you to use this information in some sort of criminal activity, like hacking into government files or something like that. You continueYou dont waste any more time. The writer has obviously not written anything else, so youre just going to read the first sentence again, since you really want to ignore the other writer. You open up your browser and type in altagas followed by al, tas, agas, et, and the first page that comes up is a list of news stories. The first news story reads, Altagas stock takes a hit after government says stock market isnt sustainable. While you were reading about the stock market, the other writers voice had gotten very faint, and then she was gone. It seems that what she wrote didnt make it into the article. Youre not sure what she meant, though you think it might have something to do with the fact that she was writing about a company that had just gone public and they were commenting about it, not you personally. You start to wonder about what the writer meant about the stock market being unsustainable. Youve never even heard of this company, but you do know that its one of the largest players in the gas processing business and the company has been expanding rapidly in recent years to accommodate its growing demand and to cut costs. The company also employs a lot of people in Canada and has a lot of offices in places like the United States, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. It seems like it actually works around the world. However, you have no idea whats been going on with the company.

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