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Vermont Became A Free State The Republic of Vermont was granted statehood by Congress in 1861. Citizens as a day for celebration and a celebration of the Declaration of Independence. The federal holiday is observed on June 11 of each year. The holiday is observed throughout the United States, except in California at military parades, and throughout the world on the last Monday in July, as a celebration of the adoption of the Constitution by the United States. The term Independence Day is also used by some people as a political rallying cry. References edit Notes edit Bibliography edit Further reading edit The following information is taken from the C. Handbook for the Public Sector provides guidance for the management of federal agencies public-facing activities. The handbook is intended to help employees and managers understand and comply with the law and administrative rules governing the public-facing activities of Federal agencies. Making, using, or handling public communications, including e-mail and blogs. Advocacy, lobbying, and other activities for the public good. Developing and managing the personnel who conduct a range of public-facing activities. Monitoring and evaluating activities, such as compliance with the Privacy Act, Freedom of Information Act, and other laws and regulations. Conducting Public BusinessUnder the federal ethics law, 5 U. 7323, f an employee, or a federal officer or employee or agency officer, who violates either the law or administrative rule must resign. The Ethics in Government Act of 1978, 5 U. In addition, it prohibits the receipt of gifts, gratuities, favors, hospitality, travel, or other items of monetary value in relation to any official government activity. When an agency employee violates either that law or administrative rule, the Director of the Office of Personnel Management makes a determination whether to impose disciplinary action on the employee. In some cases, this may be done administratively, by referring the case for an administrative hearing or through a formal hearing held by the Merit Systems Protection Board, MSPB, in the.

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