Alpha Centauri is the closest star system and closest planetary system to Earths …

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The universe that existed before the invention of science is beyond the comprehension of humans. I have an obsession with the way the universe works and when I read something like this:There was a small explosion of light and heat. As I watched, the flame that had been in mid-spread and expanded, shooting out into the sky, which in turn began to darken and burn bright white. Eventually, the explosion stopped and the entire sky had turned to a brilliant, blazing white. It was the hottest I had ever seen in my entire life. Ve seen all of those things before in my life, you know. An old man with some wrinkled clothes and glasses says. S a very important task you have on your mind, and you have one of my contacts that I could use to contact another such as yourself. A person of your status could benefit from it very much. It could perhaps even lead you to where your missing sister is. T know, I suppose my contacts have become fewer in these recent years. M sure you understand that you must go and that I could not be of any further assistance to you. I wish you well, if you choose to accept my offer. T know then then I guess I should enlighten you. S pretty chaotic, but it is organized in a very specific way. You have to understand, there are many possible universes and some of them are as orderly as ours, whereas others are more chaotic and contain a lot of possibilities.

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