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They are now all just following the Leading Party. And while, like the leader he is, Chris is clearly more than aware of the pitfalls of power, his desire to remain on the leading trail is strong. He would be wise to follow the leader he is now, he thinks, as he looks out ahead at the other vehicles, moving forward at a much faster pace than anyone else. You look back at the tracksYou quickly look back at the tracks and note that they are leading away from the car park, towards the city, and away from the centre of any potential terrorist activity. The tracks are clearly leading into a park space. A park space, full of families playing and relaxing, relaxing. You cant imagine it being too dangerous to be around. You go aroundAfter all, it was only a little more than a month since he left the car and now hes just turned up. Perhaps he will be here before you do. You go aroundYou decide to take a different track, one that will lead you towards the city centre. You see a park space, open and with lots of people there, so you decide to spend your time there rather than the park space. You follow the track into the park space, where you take the opportunity to stretch your legs as there are no other cars around. Once you are done playing with your phone for a little while, you see that there is a group of guys playing with a small group of young ladies. The girls are probably around your age, but the guys are quite a bit older and evidently quite popular with the girls. While it must be a hot day, and the sun might well have already been shining, you decide to stay where it is so you can better enjoy the sights. You enjoy the sightsThere is so much to see, so many wonderful things to enjoy, and so many lovely people. You want to take it all in and enjoy it all, and so you decide to linger inside the park, looking in the windows and peeping out of the park entrance. You take advantage of this by taking one more look out the park door and as soon as the park is empty, you leap forth. You are not the only one here, you find out shortly after as you see several people walking through the park. All of them have been watching you all along. The park is very quiet now, but it is only a matter of time before trouble starts.

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