‘All natural cleaning hack to leave your oven sparkling’

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Kasha Cabato is a digital creator who shares cleaning tips and hacks with her 23.5K followers on her TikTok account @kasha.cabato. The content creator was asked how to clean the oven, and she demonstrated the routine.

Kasha focuses on “all-natural and affordable sustainability” and wows her fans with her cleaning insights on TikTok and on her Instagram account @kasha.cabato. She uses all non-toxic ingredients to clean her oven.

The content creator said: “Do you want the inside of your oven to be this sparkling clean but also want to avoid the toxic chemicals found in oven cleaners? Then you will love this all natural cleaning hack.

“All you need is half a cup of baking soda and a fourth cup of water. Next mix the, together to form a paste, that should be the consistency of pancake batter.”

“Put on some gloves and remove the racks from your oven. Wipe the paste over the metal and glass parts of your oven, but be sure to avoid the heating coils like the ones on the roof of mine. Then let this sit for about 20 minutes.”

She explained why making a paste is such an effective method to clean the oven. Kasha said: “Making a paste helps the baking soda adhere to the sides of your oven so we can break down the food and grease making it easy to scrub it clean with a scrub sponge.

“This works because baking soda is alkaline while oven grease and most of the particles are acidic, so it neutralises the acid. It’s also a mild abrasive so it works well at removing dried stuck on foods.

“You can clean the racks the same way with the baking soda paste and a scrubber sponge, and I like to use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe off all the baking soda at the end.”

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