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THE advancement of AI means eventually no one will have to work, Elon Musk said last night.

In a fireside chat with Rishi Sunak, the tech tycoon compared AI to a to a "magic genie" that will carry out every human role until "no job is needed".

At Lancaster House in London Mr Musk said people could still work "for personal satisfaction" but rather than making money the main challenge for humanity will be finding "meaning in life".

"You can have a job if you want to for personal satisfaction, AI can do everything," Mr Musk told an audience of entrepreneurs and journalists.

"I don't know if that makes people comfortable or uncomfortable. It's both good and bad.

"One of the challenges in future will be how do we find meaning in life.

"We won't have universal basic income but universal high income. It'll be good for education – it'll be the best tutor."



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The PM laughed awkwardly as the tech tycoon also said that robots should be safe so long as they have “an off switch”.

The Space X billionaire warned: “What if one day they get a software update and suddenly they’re not so friendly after all."

Mr Musk told the PM that AI has the potential to be a "great friend" that will know you better than yourself.

He said one of his sons struggles making pals adding: “An AI friend would be good for him.”

Musk also said a humanoid robot be able to "basically chase you anywhere" adding an off switch was vital to prevent stalking AIs.

The 52-year-old Tesla mastermind stressed: "It's something we should be quite concerned about.

"If a robot can follow you anywhere, what if they get a software update one day, and they're not so friendly any more?"

Mr Sunak beamed as Mr Musk hailed London as second only to San Francisco for AI development.

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And Mr Musk said the summit will “go down in history” for being quite profound.

He praised Mr Sunak for inviting China as “profound.”

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