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T have to use the old method of getting the owner to feed you. T imagine him being willing to do anything like that. You do however have a dog run-off to the bathroom and you tell the dog to wait at the corner of his yard. You then sneak back inside the house. T even bother hiding your clothes when you get there. T get out of his chair immediately, but his attention is on you so you immediately get noticed when you enter the room. Yeah, I want you to feed me from this bag. Ve had the bag for like five hours. No, but you could do that if you wanted to. D go so far as to say that you SHOULD try. Yeah, well you eat the damn squirrel right now, not me. Re going to be trying on clothes right now. Maybe you can convince her to give her some of the food in the bag if she does. Well then why are you so nervous. Ve now accidentally started doing something worse than embarrassing the owner.

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