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You look at your watch and realize that you really have no time to even try to win this award. T have time to even think about this stupid award. Even to yourself, You cancel your appointmentYou tell your assistant to cancel your appointment. I will not go back to TV; television has ruined my life. The movie I should have made and starring my friend and co-star Nicole Kidman is ruined by this nonsense. I will not have any part in an awards show that celebrates the mediocrity of low-class television. The assistant asks you to leave, which you do reluctantly. When you finally arrive at the studio, you go in without an appointment with the assistant and you sit down at what appears to be an old-fashioned desk in the corner of the screen and a producer stands nearby watching a monitor. The producer is a bit nervous, but not about you. He sees you and is looking at you with concern. S the writer on the movie in question, The Party Animal. Murphy looks around, and then looks at you. Re not even here to promote the movie. S here to see your friend and co-star Nicole Kidman.

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