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Shes so beautiful, you say, I can just see her in my brain. I would marry her, I would marry her, I would marry her. You know, Bob, when I was your age, I thought I was beautiful too, she says. There was a girl I met once who I thought was pretty, but when I met her, it was like Id found another person who was more like my own mother than me. I guess, Adele, you say, I could tell her all this. You tell her about the photoShe takes the photo and holds it up to the light, revealing an expressionless woman in her mid-thirties, a short-haired brunette woman of about her own age staring at her from behind a desk, while several men in suits sit around them. You see that the woman is Adeles mother, but she is dressed in a business suit, a fact you are not surprised about. Adele, there she is, she says, looking pretty as usual in her glamour pose. This is the photo that went with my article in the New York Post this week, about your mothers divorce from your father. Thats OK, you say, because people are people. Well, they arent monsters, either, you say. Theyre people with their own thoughts, their own feelings, their own desires, their own hopes and dreams. I suppose if the world had been more like mine, I wouldnt be having a conversation with you right now. But theyre also my family, arent they. Theyre also your family, she says, as if that were an answer that would make her stop using a big ass desk as a shield against her face and staring at you. Your mother and I have a complicated history, you say. Yes, she says, but I dont think youre going.

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