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You send cash to the bus driver to get some more of your food stuffs and a few things to buy from the bus stand. You keep a few things for yourself from the cafeteria. You then start going through your wallet and giving some of your stuffs to the cashier at the bus stand while you talk to the girl at the counter about some stuff and how the bus driver just left them there. Re picking up more stuffs from the bus stand and then you continue your walk through the mall shopping at the food court. Re shopping, you keep making sure to keep a few things for the kids. When you get home, you tell the kids how to open the various different boxes, how to open the various different bags and you tell them to look for the best gifts for each of them to open in their own rooms. T even a grown up yet, has come home on the bus to pick them up. And tell you that you got a great idea. The Bus Driver has actually found some stuffs on the street, on the way home from work. You give them a few pieces of that stuff. You then tell the kids to play with the items that you gave them and how they need to make sure that their stuffs are put in their boxes on the bus that they need to pack for school. You then take them over to the bus stand and watch as the driver loads up more stuffs. You also tell them that the bus would have a bunch of free food for anyone who wants it, so they could really do well on it. The bus driver, who is the oldest one of the three gets a free meal and a treat from the food court. He then goes to tell his fellow passengers that you have arrived.

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