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The disease that is present here is in the same category as that of the plague. You are too overwhelmed by the realization that you have to live or die depending on how you feel and that you cannot do anything except wait. Your hunger is aching in your belly and your stomach starts to hurt. Suddenly you feel a chill run down your spine. Its like something is watching you and you can feel its presence. Your throat seems to be blocked and you have a cough. You dont even manage to finish the sentence, your body starts shaking uncontrollably. As you gasp for air and clutch at your throat and chest, your hand goes to your head and you gasp for breath. The wind is gone, but you feel the hairs on your arms and legs standing. Your breathing becomes more erratic and you start to lose consciousness. Your last memories are of a white cloudy sky and you slowly losing consciousness to the darkness above you. Thinking about your past relationship has made you question your present relationship with her. You want to get out of here as soon as possible and escape this strange dream world. The more you think about it, the more you want to stay here. You stay with Alice, but she tries to keep a tight rein on you. S a little annoying, but as the days go on you get used to it. Alice is a very kind hearted woman that tries her best to help you. You get a little bit jealous every now and then of how much her friend is helping out, but you get over it. S a very nice situation for you and things are more or less the same as they were the last time you saw your other former partner. You spend a lot of time lying next to Alice, feeling her body and her mind.

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