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Accounting software and accounting software companies are a pretty popular combination, and a lot of accounting software companies charge a fee to rent their software. M going to make an online ad for my accounting software. You dont have people come to you and you dont have them come to you. You just go online and advertise the software. Re going to have a bunch of people come from all over the world and spend a lot of money on your software. This new advertising campaign is a great success, and this new marketing technique of online advertising has become very popular. Just another day on the Street The EndYou walk over and pick up the newspaper. There is a new article about the new accounting software that is going to be available for free to students who are in school right now. You take the article out of the newspaper and look at the pictures on the front page. One of a little boy with big brown eyes and a big happy smile. He has a blue cap and a sweater that says blue sky on the front and back. Another picture shows a bunch of pretty girls in their school uniforms sitting at a table. The article reads:The new accounting program that will be available to every student who is in school right now is going to be a big hit with parents. S going to eliminate the need for parents to log on to a school computer to check grades, attendance, attendance problems, and so on. Ll be available for free to every student in school right now, so every student in the country will be getting one soon. It explains that accounting software companies have to be profitable, just as a newspaper must be profitable. This software is going to be very profitable because of the Internet and all these new technologies. The article says, They already have a lot of customers. About 50 high schools have gotten the software so far, and this number is growing every week. S a new accounting software company opening in New York City tomorrow; soon, you can predict that there will be an accounting software manufacturer in every town in America, just waiting to be built. And in this time of new technology, everyone is going to find something for their business. Re going to be able to predict that in two years, the whole country is going.

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