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So, to summarize, all of the above is a load of utter bullshit. You have no idea what these men are talking about. However, you have just enough information to make a decision of your own. Either you remain silent and let them drag you off anyway, or you can speak up and make your own opinion known. You arent sure if its a good idea to speak up in a situation like this, but sometimes you just dont have a lot of choice. There are four of them, a man and two women. They look to be around your age and both men seem to be intimidating. You can only assume that the woman is carrying a lot more weight than the man. You dont know very much about the man with the megaphone, but the other three look to be similar to him. They all look to be in their mid-20s or younger. As you get closer to the door of the building, you see a man with a large, red jacket with the White Fang insignia. Your eyes immediately land on him and for a moment you get a very strong sense of dread. You talk with the man in the red jacket, in front of a hostile crowd. You walk up to the man who is speaking with the woman. You dont know the rest of their names, but you recognize them both immediately from their posture so you speak to them on their behalf. Alright, I dont think you should do anything, but this is really difficult and I dont want to cause a scene. I cant really make a decision right now, I need to think about this and I need to do it on my own. You dont even wait for the man to respond and begin your attack. Youre all part of the fucking Faunus Rights movement, a bunch of fucking liars and liars are going to lie because theyre liars and liars do it because it makes them feel good. Im a man of principles and I will not lie and I will not collaborate with these murderers and traitors. The man looks surprised and you notice some tension in his posture. However, he recovers quickly and takes a breath before speaking again. Ive been a leader of the White Fang for many years. Ive helped found their chapters all over Remnant and Ive helped organize their marches and demonstrations. I did it for many years and I dont see why you should look to me to be responsible if you dont like what theyre doing anymore. After all, the Nighthowlers are also part of our organization, theyre just not as famous. However, as the head of the White Fang theres no doubt that Im in charge and if theyre not following our rules or doing what.

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