‘Absolute nightmare!’ Outrage as credit & debit card payments could be declined from today

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The new changes will see online shopping cards declined if the owner of the card cannot prove their identity. Retailers will also be making additional checks before allowing people to purchase items or withdraw money from their credit or debit cards.

Express.co.uk readers have voiced their frustration at the new measures, “Another voter” commented: “Absolute nightmare, trying to pay for online grocery order, accepted card yesterday, today won’t validate, 2 hours onto barclaycard then cut off….

“Ridiculous, whilst I welcome better security, you would think it would be tested before rollout…”

Melly666 wrote: “So people like my 90 year old mum won’t be able to buy anything with her card as has no mobile as gets confused. Also surely it will cause more fraud as it says fraudsters can sent fraudulent text.”(sic)

Heidi 611 added: “This is outrageous my bank has be trying to force me for a very long time to go phone backing and now they think I will have to now no way will I do that, I don’t trust it and never will. I will pay cash.”(sic)

Jascat shared: “Tough luck if you do not have a smartphone. Many old folk do not have any mobile phone.”

Another person, known as “Where are we going ?” replied: “I am one that has been forced. Hate the dam thing. Certainly will not be having a banking app or any other app to make payment..

“Cash is looking good as are small retailers.”(sic)

Some people supported the move, however. CliveLondon penned: “This is a good measure to compact fraud.

“Some firms have been way too relaxed about security. Got instant, they are supposed to verify the billing address but many obviously do not.”

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