‘Absolute lifesaver’ Doctor shares how to ‘save a lot of money’ on prescriptions in winter

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Martin Lewis offers advice on NHS prescriptions

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A former NHS doctor has shared a way people can save hundreds of pounds on prescriptions. Dr Dominic Pimenta, who is now a lead research physician at the Richmond Research Institute, said pre-pay certificates (PPCs) could help people “save a lot of money” on their prescriptions.

He tweeted: “This doesn’t appear well-known about, but if you are paying for your prescriptions (e.g. not exempt), you could be saving a lot of money with a pre-pay certificate.

“In these times it might make a big difference.

“If you do know about it, many don’t so retweet.”

A PPC acts as a “season ticket” for people who buy many prescriptions each month.

The certificates enables people those who pay for their prescriptions to buy them at a set price.

The more prescription items you need, the larger the savings to be made.

As the cost of living crisis continues, many families families may be looking at ways they could cut costs.

A study by the University of York estimates two-thirds of all UK households – or 18 million families – will be plunged into financial precariousness by January due to soaring inflation, which is already at 40-year record high.

By buying a PPC, Britons could save up to £340 on their medication costs every year and put it towards rising bills.

Currently, prescription charges in England are £9.35 per item if a person is not eligible for a free prescription.

This means that people will face a significant charge if they require multiple prescriptions every month.

Currently, a PPC costs an individual £30.25 for a three month period or £108.10 for 12 months.

If a person needs two prescription medicines each month, a three month PPC can help them save around £25 whilst the 12 month PPC would save them around £116 for the year.

If a person requires four prescriptions a month then with the 12 month PPC they could make a saving of more than £340 a year.

People can either pay in full for the PCC or spread the costs across 10 or 12 monthly instalments by direct debit.

In Scotland and Wales, people are able to claim their medication for free no matter what age they are.

On Twitter, one user described PPC as an “absolute lifesaver.”

@tamsin6 said: “Found out about this a couple of years ago due to husband needing several regular repeating medications.

“Absolute lifesaver.”

Britons can check if they are eligible for a PPC on the NHS website.

People can either buy a pre-payment certificate online or call up to speak to someone (0300 330 1341).

Britons will need bank details, or credit or debit card details ready – and they can either pay one upfront charge or get a direct debit set up.

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