A traditional economic system is based of customs, history and time-honored beliefs…

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The tradition and beliefs of the past are an important part of an You:You: That is why I cannot accept your suggestion that we should follow your system. You do not have the necessary knowledge or the right to suggest it. Agent Smith: But you will not listen to me. It is obvious that you cannot see the true nature of the system as it is. You are a merchant with no knowledge of the nature of the system. And, just as you do not have any understanding of the true nature of the dark arts, you will not have any comprehension of the true nature of the game. You: Your proposal to change the game is based on ignorance that you obviously do not possess, and your suggestion is nothing but a form of bribery to get you to change the system that is already working. You refuse to see the truth or the true meaning of things. I suggest you will not have any more contact with me, Agent Smith. Agent Smith: I can not help myself. I must try to show him that he cannot change the system as it is. Just as he cannot make us all beggars in exchange for money, so too can he not make us free men in exchange for time. I am tired of watching this pathetic world, suffering under the tyranny of our oppressors, and so I have come to you, a free man, to offer you a chance to escape. I must leave and let you have your chance to become free man. You: I shall not let you make that offer. Agent Smith: But I have tried to make you a promise. We must either leave, or we will not make our offer to you, and the game will continue. I am sorry for this failure of a man, and for any misery which you continue to suffer because of my foolishness. I will not allow you to bribe me to become a free man. Agent Smith: He will not be able to bribe you to become free man. The system as it is will not allow him to do this, and you will not let him. You: You will not be able to bribe me because I do not wish to be a.

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