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In the case of a subsidiary company, the subsidiary shares a corporations capital and liabilities with the parent company. The parent company is a separate legal entity that owns the subsidiary. If the parent company was a holding company, then the subsidiary would have shares of the parent company. The amount of control over is different depending on whether the subsidiary is a wholly owned subsidiary or a subsidiary that is partly owned by the parent company. Also the parent company can be in different legal form. If a subsidiary is a holding company with a wholly owned subsidiary, then the subsidiary is a wholly owned subsidiary. If the parent company is not a holding company and also owns a share in a subsidiary, then the subsidiary can be considered a subsidiary with a parent that owns a share in the subsidiary. It is good to know that most companies are in a holding company with a wholly owned subsidiary. Ownership Form Parent Company, Subsidiary, Holding Company, Subsidiary, Subsidiary, Subsidiary, Holding CompanySubsidiary Company with aPartially OwnedSubsidiaryA sub-firmA business combinationAn acquisitionAn interest acquiredA cooperativeA limited liability companyAn S Corp. A partnershipA trustA trustA corporationAn unincorporated associationA Limited Liability CompanyA trustA partnershipA corporationAn unincorporated associationA limited liability companyAn LLCThere are several types of ownership. The one with the highest rate of return is a sole proprietorship. How to Find a SubsidiaryThe first step is to find the right type of business entity. Searching for a SubsidiarySearching for a SubsidiarySearching for a SubsidiarySearching for a SubsidiaryIn order to find a subsidiary, you would search on the name of the subsidiary and the business entity, i. When searching for a subsidiary, take a look only in cases where the business entity is a corporation and where the subsidiarys name is identical to the controlling entity. An example would be a subsidiary that is the business entity of a corporation, i. Corporation, When searching for a subsidiary, you must do a detailed search. You are not to search business entities that are in any other form. The following are examples of the types of searches you can do to find a subsidiary:searching for a corporation that is a sole proprietorship.

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