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P The Smart City was a smart city that uses electronic sensors and computers on a large scale to monitor the environment and automatically adjust the city to provide the optimum amount of power to the city, to give the best level of services. This example is quite different from the more rural areas, in that people can buy and sell items online, which increases the amount of trade with the other cities in the region. The citys population has grown to approximately 10 million, and has expanded into the rest of Verikia, as well as other nearby regions. Some cities, such as the one you are in now, have been expanded, meaning that now more houses exist within the city. The larger cities also have a very high level of security, and will only allow entrance into the area if the appropriate pass is presented. Most of the citizens have computers that allow them to access these areas of the city. The city has been expanding and becoming more populated, and is the reason why I have been transferred here. If you are going to leave, you are going to do it on your own. Otherwise, you are going to sit here and take it. Zalmora: I know who you are, and I know you will not win this argument. You know who is going to win, but for this pointless argument, you do not win any points, so you win nothing. You just wasted time and your soul. Zal: You know who is going to win, but for this pointless argument, you lose nothing, so you lose nothing. So why the hell are you even wasting my time. Zal: So get out of my life. You are not my friend, and if I need one more reason to leave, I will. You: You are really not liking me because of this. Zal: No Im not liking you because you are not liking me. You are just using me to hurt me. You: Wait, you cant leave yet. You try to reason You: Look, its not that I dont understand your feelings, but I just dont understand your point.

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