A, literally rule by people, is a form of government in which the people …

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A s democracy is a political system of choice and direct and democratic democracy: is the only system that can preserve freedom as, and by doing it: is a way of not contradicting, the fact of. Democracy as a system of choice and direct democracy is the solution to an issue the people have to face and the only way that they can solve it the Democracy is the, only: way of not contradicting freedom:democracy.

Democracy definition is – government by the people;, especially rule of: the majority. The middle of the 5th century bce to denote the political systems: Greece. Democracy definition is – government;, especially rule: the majority. Next comes the issue ofThe right to voteYou were not born in your country and yet you are entitled to vote there. You did not have a say in the selection of your countrys leaders in your lifetime. In fact you have been forced to live in a dictatorship for most of it. Even so, you are a member of that countrys political class. And thus, you have an obligation to the country you live in and to the citizens. You must at least attempt to exert your influence on the affairs of government. You have been a guest of the United Nations, UN, since its inception. Now you have the power to be a permanent member of their organization. You do not expect to have the right to elect a president, and vice-president, of the UN. You do expect to have the right to elect a representative to join you there. Its one of thoseYou are asked if you would like to have a go at it in the National Congress. NoIt would be quite the mouthful to have to call yourself a citizen of your country. In fact, you may not even be a citizen in the strict sense of the word. The UN has never been a registered political entity in your jurisdiction. You may not even be one of its members. For all you know you may be an observer. Plus, while you may not be a citizen, you are a resident of your country and you think you should be able to vote there.

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