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A different form of government has many branches, in that it is not the only system, but just one of many. One could also call a state government a political organization with a name about it, but its not much of one. A government of the united states has a president, a legislature, and a judicial body. A nation is a more practical type of government, more practical for practical purposes. A republic is a form of government with a constitution, not much different from a country. A constitutional monarchy is a form of government where power is not divided among many, but divided between a monarch and one or more presidents. A republic is the most practical form of government that a large group of people can agree upon. A republic is a more ideal form of government, more ideal for ideal purposes. A nation is better than a republic because it has more power than a republic can have, and it has the most power in the end because it has the most power. IsizeYou feel a little nervous about being anywhere near that place and you just want to get out of the house for a moment. That place is probably going to be crawling with things now, and you need to get out of here, now. You try to call your brother on the phone when you get home, but you can barely make out the noisy receiver, much less reach your brothers number. You can only guess that he probably has his own landline. You sit on the edge of the sofa for a moment to catch your breath, trying to figure out where you need to go. You could start again at the front door, or you could wander around and see if theres another place you can live in the neighborhood. You head onYou feel like youre getting lost on purpose, but as you step onto the first curb in front of your front door, the feeling is gone. You walk down the sidewalk, and the streets are empty. No cars screech to a halt as you pass by. You start to feel a little strange, almost like youve gone back in time, but then you remember youre in the city of Brockton Bay, which has always been one of the more cosmopolitan places youve lived.

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