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You buy an item on eBayYou head over to your computer, a cheap Asus laptop and a cheap Asus keyboard, and look through the item listings on eBay. You find something that would make a good pack bag. Then you go over to eBay and try to buy it yourself. You look at the top results and see some pretty basic stuff, but none of them are selling for the amount you want to pay for this bag. I could get this for a few hundred dollars less here, but at least itll be a good deal, and I should be able to find something for a lot less on eBay. You go with an eBay productYoure already feeling a little guilty because youre a student. If you were someone who spent a lot of money at the mall, this thing may have been okay. Or at least, you think its okay, Youll just have to buy it on eBay. You find the price you want, then you go back home. When you get home, you open up eBay and find that the item you just bought is for less than you thought it was going to cost. You continue You continueIs this really worth that much. You dont really like the idea of having to learn a new way of doing things. You think that traveling with two suitcases is too big a hassle to deal with. Youre always in a hurry anyway, so learning how to travel with one suitcase is just not going to cut it, especially when youre going to be traveling to places where there are big population centers, where time isnt always of the essence. You think youll just buy a bigger suitcase online and stash the other one in one of your cars. 130, and it was a little smaller than you wanted. You get a bigger bag onlineYou head over to Amazon and look through the item listings on eBay. Youre almost tempted to just buy the thing on the listing, but you worry that you might actually get the one you want on eBay instead. You buy a bigger backpackYou look at the first backpack and think you can get one for about six hundred, and that would fit everything in it.

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