A food web, or food cycle, is the natural interconnection of food chains …

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Some food web theories claim that organisms discover food on their own, or that it might be given to them as gifts from the heavens, as the case with humans in societies, which in turn have a god, s, to whom theyre connected in a social web. The fact that humans are often more or less self-sufficient in their food makes this idea very popular. Humans are also usually very interested in food processing, and as such the food chain systems they build, or at least build up, are very efficient systems. Makes for a very centralized system of control, and makes for a very hierarchical society. The food chain system that humans create is usually very rigid and is usually very inefficient. The principle of efficient order is very popular with humans. The truly efficient systems made by humans often are very frequently seen to be the most frequently at-risk for failure. Of course, Humans are not the only species in the Galaxy. You cant just assume that the whole of your argument is going to apply to Aliens either.

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