A factor market is a market in which companies buy …

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After some time in a bar discussing the concept of the supply and demand diagram, you get into a fight with a local who is in an effort to help you drink more. Things are about to be fucked up on you really bad. And then he shoves you aside and the two of you go crashing to the ground. He punches you repeatedly and then throws you across the room in an attempt to smash your head into a bloody pulp. Re unable to scream even if you wanted to. T out of the goddamn room, but Mr. You try to force your eyes to take in detail, but you only get a blurry blur. Ve tried everything, your eyes finally give out. Your eyes flutter open and you see a man standing over you. Re not sure how long this man stands looking at you, but he soon turns away. After a few seconds he picks up a small bottle and opens it.

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