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You have come across some new and interesting things that you would like to discuss with each other. First of all, you have to figure out which of the two following is the most important information:A The Age of the World. The Age of the WorldThe Age of the WorldB The Present Age. The Future AgeThe future age of the world isC.

You look at all your choices for the rest of your life. Ve had your doubts about a lot of these folks. Ve loved you and tried to raise you well. Re just too weak and timid to the outside world and in a world where the weak always win, you have no future here and would do best with family or some other type of relationship where you would be a strong independent man. You would be okay with just having a strong relationship like your sister has since she seems to have it fairly good right now. You are too weak and useless for any relationship. You want nothing more than to be by yourself.

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