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Constitutional government inAfrica, as in every other part of the world, can be found in a numberof forms, of whichmonarchyis only one. At that moment Americas National Security Agency will switch on a high tech spy device called the XKeyscore that has the capability to scoop up virtually every communication ever made on the planet. The system is in place to support a secret NSA database known as the Section 702. That is the surveillance law that permits wholesale Internet and phone data collection by the government. Was approved by a secret court and was originally limited to targets in the U. Since that time the country has been under relentless attack by Islamist terrorists and has been on high alert for possible terrorist attacks from groups like ISIS, Islamic State of Iraq and SyriaSection 702 is one aspect of the Surveillance State. In the words of NSA Director Mike Rogers, it is the safest, most effective and least intrusive way to collect intelligence. In reality Section 702 has nothing to do with security and everything to do with violating the Fourth Amendment and its requirement that all searches be reasonable. Rogers has claimed that Section 702 has thwarted more than 50 terrorist attacks. This makes no sense as neither the FBI nor the NSA have any information about the plots supposedly foiled. According to the Washington Posts Ellen Nakashima, the Obama administration is trying to determine if all the 702 material will have to be destroyed. NSA officials have been asked if each individual piece of data should be purged; the official replied, We dont know. We want to know if the NSA is listening in on our cell phones, reading our emails and reading our text messages, reading our text messages to us and then turning around and using the information to discredit us and even potentially put our children in front of a firing squad. No warrants may be issued or warrants must be based on probable cause. The FBI has repeatedly lied about Section 702 and said under no circumstances does it target Americans communications.

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