A constitutional monarchy is a form of monarchy in which the sovereign …

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You say MonarchyThis is really not the right answer to the situation, so you just nod. Whatever it is, though, youre clearly not a genius. Well, well, well, says the man that said you should answer. You seem to have stumbled upon our little game; were going to hear some songs at each others expense. Well, a song, not a poem, you know. You turn on your heel quickly, but the man has already turned. You know I was just out thereWatching you play a songAnd I just knew I shouldPut my hands on you, he sings. So I did, just like you said, you finish. Mans journey to becoming a Canadian has made its way into a reality TV show, and he will be in Winnipeg this week to share his story. The show has brought back some old childhood friends, along with friends from the show, the showrunners said. We were a family for a day, and this is what we all have. The show is about two young men from different sides of the border. Josh Wilkes and Ben Wilson are cousins from Pennsylvania and Virginia respectively. Wilkes will be travelling to Winnipeg by train, and Wilson will be heading by foot. Theyre trying to cross the border as close to the same point each other did when they were 16 years old. We think that its important to look back at our lives and see what lessons weve learned or what opportunities weve missed out on, Wilkes says. The pair say they never had an experience of being out of country before. This is the first time theyve actually been out on a train and even the train is a very different place to what they remember. The two brothers are not strangers to each other, and they say theyve met each other many times before on the show. On this trip to Winnipeg, the pair will also have a chance to meet up with the shows makers. Were hoping to connect with the producers, let them know we appreciate this show, and we think we can make it work better by showing the good side of Canada, Wilkes says.

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