A chromosome is a deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA, molecule with part or …

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The X is a chromosome that connects each pair of sex chromosomes. The X is where sperm and eggs meet, in every cell of the body. The X chromosome influences and limits the genetic material that can be created in a given cell. To a notable degree, the X determines your race, your color, your intelligence, your ability to do certain things, your gender, and your ability to conceive children. The Sex Chromosomes:The Sex Chromosomes differ between males and females. Each pair of chromosomes contains 21 chromosomes. In all, there are 23 pairs of chromosomes in the male and 23 pairs of chromosomes in the female. Each of the sex chromosomes contains the genetic material of an organism. The Genetic Material:The genetic material of an organism includes the DNA, which is DNA inside a double helix structure. DNA contains the genetic information that is made into a person. DNA is made of two strands of DNA called the A and the T. A molecule made up of two strands of DNA is called a nucleic acid. There are many people of the same race because of this genetic material. A womans A strand is usually around 40 longer than her T strand. The two strands combine to form two chromosomes. The T strand of DNA has nothing to do with a persons race. It is made up of genetic information and does not have any effect on who you are. A person with a shorter A strand has a greater chance of having a baby with a woman of opposite gender than a woman with a longer A strand. PURPOSE:The purpose of this research was to determine how much energy, MJ, was needed by a marathon runner to run the distance of a marathon. MATERIALS AND METHODS:A survey was sent to participants with the form above; approximately 1,450 men and women responded. Information was collected through a 5-item food frequency questionnaire. The runners were divided into three categories: or -2,300, or -2,300, under 2,300. Energy requirements were determined from the runners information, using the following equation MJ MJkm mileshour, m RESULTS:At two hours after sunrise, an average of 2,311 MJ was used up by the runners using up to 8. 4 of their weekly MJ intake, approximately 9,521 MJ At two hours after noon.

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