A carbonyl group is a chemically organic functional group composed of a carbon …

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There are other types of carbonyls composed of other organic compounds composed of other organic compounds. When you smell something like that, its usually a good idea to assume that you smell a carbonyl. You probably should refer to the reaction potential of such organics, when youre graphing it within your work. The tactile effect of your hand is probably also a good test of the reaction potential of a organic. Another good test, to find out ifwhen a organic becomes more toxic in the presence of naturally -toxic compounds is, to look at the body feel of it, and the feel of the hands. To me, I often wonder if I dontshouldnt smell good enough for the rest of my life. I cant make such a decision when Im working. However, Im sure that Ill be able to make it with time. Now then, I guess you really are my friend after all. You cant really complain; if he likes you, hell be your friend. He heads off into the crowd at a fairly quick pace, and you follow. When you reach the festival, you find that the festival has been moved to a much larger park. It appears that the family of festival goers are indeed very diverse, and in fact, you catch the eye of one of the locals as she passes you by. You look at her, and her eyes flicker as she seems to be looking past you. She walks over to you, and gives you a firm kiss on the cheek. She is dressed in a pretty green dress, and has long, green hair, matching the color of her eyes. She turns, giving a small wave to the rest of the crowd. You wave back, before turning back to Haygarth.

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