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Hes also the editor of the weekly bulletin board your local news. But as you look around the room, you know thats not all there is. You notice something else, something different. There are some people who have their heads buried in their phones, but theyre not doing that. They dont look up, they dont look around. That something could be the other candidate, and if it is, then there are people watching him. Some of those people could be voting already, and while they dont see anything, they do know. And at least one of those people isnt registered to vote anywhere near you. And then you realize something else is wrong. You voteYou get up to get a quick look at the list, and even with your bad eyesight, you can still get a good look at the name. The first thing you do is go to the registrar and ask where she might have registered. You head over to the next closest one, which is her home, and finally get a list of the correct address. You head there first, but by the time you get there, its too late. You try the name over and over again, but you dont get an answer. You try your cellphone and get no answer. You look all over your house, all over your friends houses, but you arent finding her anywhere. Your neighbors are sure she hasnt moved in or out. A few old houses down there is another woman named Karen. You decide to take her car and search it as well. You look for her registration, you look under the hood, you try the door, but while you may be looking for her, youre more interested in the car. You start searching the car, pulling around corners, turning on lights. Youre pretty sure you found her car anywhere else, but youre getting nothing. Its been too long, you cant take it anymore. You decide to look up the address again. You take a second look, and realize its the wrong one. With your bad eyesight, you cant even put your finger on it, but you know something was wrong. You look all around and even back on the street, but you dont find her there. You try your phone and get no answer. You look all over your back porch and around your house, but you find nothing. You even check through the window, but youve already passed her.

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