5 ways to keep homes warm without using heating – £3.99 trick

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With cooler weather on the way, many may be looking at ways to keep their properties as warm as possible. Experts at Bed Kingdom have shared “cheap ways” to keep homes warm “without using energy” this winter. The experts said: “Using these tips could save over double the heat loss in your home without spending a penny more on your energy bills. Now is a great time to act to prepare for the colder months incoming.”

1. Rearrange your furniture

The experts explained: “Keeping furniture away from radiators will let warm air move around the room. Any large furniture such as beds, sofas or wardrobes should be at least one foot away from radiators.

“If your bed is next to an external wall, rearranging your room so your bed is against an internal wall will help you stay warmer.

“Glass is not good for insulating rooms. If your bed is close to a window or external wall, rearranging your furniture so that your bed is away from windows and next to internal walls can be a cost-free way of staying warm at night.”

According to the experts, this tip can help save households up to 10 percent on bills.

2. Insulate windows

Older houses especially tend to let lots of cold air in from the outside. To keep the heat from escaping, the experts recommended using a window insulator which can be purchased from hardware shops.

Experts at Bed Kingdom added: “Properly insulating your home by sealing air leaks can save up to 20 percent on your energy bill.

“A cheap alternative to a window insulation kit is to use bubble wrap on your windows. 

“Simply cut the wrap according to the size of your windows and mist using water from a spray bottle. 

“The water helps the bubble wrap to stick on windows. The bubble wrap can be easily removed without any damage or residue to scrub off. This can reduce heat loss by 50 percent on single-pane and 20 percent on double-pane windows.” The average price of a window insulation kit is around £3.99.

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3. Keep clothing off radiators

Although a quick and easy way to dry clothing in winter, drying laundry on a radiator can cause lots of issues, including mould.

Doing this can also prevent heat from circulating, making your boiler work harder.

The experts added: “This can cost you a huge amount of money on your energy bills. 

“Use a clothes dryer or towel rail by a window instead which will keep your radiators working efficiently.”

4. Bleed radiators

The Bed Kingdom experts said: “Air can collect in the radiator, which prevents hot water from circulating around and heating up properly, costing you energy and money. All you need is a radiator key, an old cloth to hold the key with, and a jug to catch any droplets of water that may leak. 

“If you don’t have a key, they can be quite cheap and it won’t take long to bleed a radiator. To tell if a radiator needs bleeding, feel them when they are on. If it feels hotter in some places than others, it means your radiator needs bleeding. 

“Once you have identified which radiators need bleeding, turn the heating off and make sure they are cold before you begin. Identify the valve, which is usually on the side of the radiator. Insert the radiator key and turn anti-clockwise. 

“You should hear the air hiss, and when you see water escape, shut the valve. Once the air is bled, your radiator can heat up correctly, which improves energy efficiency. Note: if you have a combi boiler, it will need to be re-pressurised afterwards.”

5. Lay a rug down

According to Bed Kingdom, the right rug can help to keep feet warm in winter.

How warm depends on the material, pile and weight. They added: “Using an anti-slip underlay can also have the added benefit of providing extra warmth. 

“According to the Carpet Institute, uninsulated floors can account for 10 to 20 percent heat loss in a home.”

A spokesperson from Bed Kingdom said: “With households closely watching the energy price cap, there are millions across the country who are worried about paying their energy bills and heating the home.

“As summer ends and we enter the colder months, it is more important than ever to find affordable ways to stay warm without using gas or electricity.

“Using these tips will help to insulate your home and save you money on heating bills.”

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