39p cupboard essential ‘dissolves’ tissue buildup on washed clothes ‘amazingly’

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Getting rid of the resultant bits of tissue or paper can be a nightmare, especially when dealing with wet laundry. 

For less severe cases, simply drying the clothes in a tumble dryer will solve the issue, but what about the not-so-easy cases?

This is what one cleaning enthusiast wanted to find out. Taking to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page Charlene O’Keefe asked: “What’s the best way of getting tissue out of my washing? My little girl put a full roll in the machine clothes are covered in it.”

The post received over 60 suggestions, with the most common recommendation being to use aspirin.

Kathryn Lever said: “Probably best to re-wash your washing and pop in two aspirin tablets.”

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Georgi Goad wrote: “Aspirin. However, you might need to add more than one tablet. I put two aspirin in when I did it with a tissue and it worked.”

Barbara Cooper commented: “Aspirin. Put two aspirin in the wash. I had this and it was all joggers hoodies etc. Couldn’t believe the outcome. Worked amazingly.”

Jan Barton said: “Put two aspirin in with the washing, it’s like a washing pod.”

Nicola Aves replied: “Never tried it but someone said put a couple of aspirins in the draw and soap powder and wash again. Apparently, the aspirin dissolves the tissue.”

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Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Sarah Dempsey, laundry expert at MyJobQuote.co.uk also suggested using aspirin, but suggested adding four tablets rather than three.

She said: “Add four aspirin tablets in the sink or bathtub and fill it with warm water. 

“Wait for the aspirin to dissolve and then add your clothes into the aspirin/water mixture.” Then just leave the clothes to soak for around two hours. 

The expert claimed that the aspirin “will help to dissolve the tissue”. Then, remove the clothes and give them a quick rinse in the washing machine before hanging them out to dry. 

Once the clothes are dry, “you’ll notice that all of the tissue spots have gone”.

Express.co.uk found aspirin tablets to be cheapest at Superdrug where they retail for 39p. They can also be picked up in Tesco and Sainsbury’s for 50p.

For smaller tissue buildup on wet clothes households can simply place their laundry in the tumble dryer.

Just don’t forget to clean the dryer filter after the drying load is complete.

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