£2 staple removes ‘stubborn blockages’ from kitchen drains

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There’s nothing worse than a blocked kitchen drain. Water can back up into the sink and it can cause an unpleasant sink.

Kitchen drain blockages are usually caused by fat, food, coffee grounds and other food items.

With this in mind, Danielle Robinson, plumbing category manager at Toolstation, has shared the tell-tale signs of a clogged drain, along with the most common causes and different at-home solutions to help combat a stubborn blockage.

Tell-tale signs of a blocked drain

She said: “The main obvious indicator of a blocked drain is water not quickly flowing down it.

“If the water is taking a long time to drain away it can indicate a partial blockage whereas if the water does not drain at all this can be because of a complete blockage.

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“Other signs to look out for include gurgling noises as well as unpleasant smells. Any of these signs can point towards a blockage, and homeowners should try to take action before the problem gets worse.”

Kitchen drain blockages

Danielle said the “most common cause” of blockages in kitchen drains is cooking oil and fats.

The reason for this is once they are poured away, they solidify and cling to the side of the pipes, causing blockages.

Rather than chucking fats and oils down the sink, wait until the oil has cooled down and pour the liquid into a bowl lined with tin foil. Once it has solidified, dispose of the oil and tin foil in a bin.

Danielle said food waste like rice, chia seeds, and coffee grounds can also block drains. She said: “Rice, when wet, will swell up and clump together causing a blockage in your u-bend or drainpipe.

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“Chia seeds and coffee grounds expand and can cause this same problem because they don’t break down in water like other waste.

“It’s best to scrape off as much food debris as possible before washing in the sink or invest in a food catcher that will prevent larger items from going down the plug hole.”

How to remove kitchen blockages

Danielle said for blockages in the kitchen, homeowners need to purchase an unblocker liquid that helps to dissolve grease and other food materials like fats.

Follow the guide on the label to pour the liquid down the plug hole and clear the pipe.

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The expert added: “Make sure to leave for the specified time, or overnight if it’s a stubborn blockage, then flush the drain with boiled water from the kettle.”

Drain unblockers can be bought from local supermarkets and online. Mr Muscle Gel Sink and Drain Unblocker costs £3.90 from Sainsbury’s.

HG Drain and Plug Unblocker costs £4.50 from Amazon and Tesco Sink & Drain Unblocker costs £2 from Tesco.

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