10 remote jobs where you can work from anywhere and earn just as much

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Demand for remote jobs hit its highest level in August this year as more people are looking for either a side hustle to help pay the bills or to work from home to save money on commuting. The good news is people may be able to earn more without leaving the house – a study by HR experts Remote showed remote roles in the UK are paying around £6,000 more than the industry average – and for some roles this increased to a staggering £31,000.

Remote analysed more than six million job adverts on Glassdoor to reveal the job roles and industries with the most remote opportunities in 2022.

The study found 31.39 percent of web developer jobs advertised on Glassdoor state the job is remote-based, followed by software engineers and translators.

Other job roles included in the top 10 industries with the most remote opportunities are translators, data scientists and account managers, with 23, 17 and 13 percent of remote roles advertised respectively.

And working from home doesn’t mean a pay-cut – its research found that people could end up earning even more on top of saving on commuting costs.

The research found that some sectors are more remote-friendly than others:

  • Web developers have the highest chance of finding a remote job opportunity in the UK with nearly one in three jobs advertised as remote (31 percent)

  • The information technology industry is the UK’s most remote-friendly sector in 2022 offering workers the most remote opportunities

  • Remote-based real estate agents, architects and designers can get paid up to £31,000 more on average than their industries overall average salary

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The top 10 jobs with the most remote opportunities include: 

  • Web developer
  • Software engineer
  • Translator
  • Editor
  • Data scientist
  • Cyber security
  • Copywriter
  • Account manager
  • Architect
  • Data analyst.

The HR firm also analysed data to uncover the roles with the biggest increase in wage for a fully remote role compared to industry averages.

Remote’s research shows that jobs hiring remote working real estate agents are being advertised at around £58,947, over £30,000 more than the average each year. 

Architects come in as the next role where workers can earn far more when working remotely.

With an industry average salary of £31,595, this figure climbs up to an impressive £62,000, which is a £30,605 increase.

Remote’s Nadia Vatalidis said: “Employers hiring for remote roles have a much larger selection of top tier candidates and a reduced need for costly office space among other benefits.

“In addition, employees who prefer the remote life-work balance gain increased flexibility and the potential opportunity to work from anywhere in the world.”

Meanwhile, Express.co.uk found some of the best side hustles for retirees are:

  • TV and film extra – Up to £250 a day
  • Rent out your car – Around £300 a month
  • Tour Guide – Up to £300 a day
  • Granfluencer – 73-year-old Lynn Davis (@cookingwithlynja) earns £7,567 from sponsored TikTok posts
  • Skillshare – It’s possible to earn more than £500 a month
  • TaskRabbit – Bid on tasks like DIY to earn over £500 a month
  • Direct selling – On average people earn an extra £500
  • Blogger – Earn up to £500 a month
  • Craftpreneur – Earn up to £500
  • Market research – £50 an hour.

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