This Country Is Least Prepared for Climate Change


The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change runs 4,000 pages. Its most important conclusion is that human activity has set in place certain climate changes that cannot be reversed under any circumstances. These include changes in the weather, all of which are for the worst. Much of the melting of glaciers will happen no matter what humans due to decrease causes like greenhouse gases. If nothing is done to change human behavior, toward the middle of the century, these things will get even worse. Hundreds of millions of people could be significantly affected by nearly unsurvivable temperatures and rising oceans.

One of America’s major universities, Notre Dame, has looked at what will happen, country by country, based on climate change and “preparedness.” The report says:

The ND-GAIN Country Index summarizes a country’s vulnerability to climate change and other global challenges in combination with its readiness to improve resilience. It aims to help governments, businesses and communities better prioritize investments for a more efficient response to the immediate global challenges ahead.

In what the authors call their “vulnerability” index, mostly undeveloped nations are the worst off. Niger leads the list of 182 nations. Also known as the Republic of the Niger, it is landlocked and is the largest country in West Africa. It has a population of about 24 million people. The nation already suffers from usually hot weather.

The CIA Work Facebook describes Niger this way:

Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world with minimal government services and insufficient funds to develop its resource base. It is ranked last in the world on the UN Development Programme’s Human Development Index.

It certainly bodes poorly that the government is unlikely to influence climate change in the country. That means the nation is almost exclusively subject to outside factors.

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