‘Saturday Night Live’ Cold Open Spoofs Newly Indicted Donald Trump As He Tries To Make More Music Hits To Raise Money For Legal Defense


The very obvious Saturday Night Live cold open featured James Austin Johnson as Donald Trump, this time following on the success of his Justice for All for January 6th defendants with his own album to raise money for his legal defense.

“Well, folks, it happened, I got indicted, or as I spell it, indicated,” Johnson at Trump says at the outset. “Frankly, it’s time that I come clean and admit that I broke the law and go quietly to prison. April fools!”

“Make no mistake, what the radical left is doing is worse than any crime I have ever committed, and I’ve committed a lot — close to 34.”

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Trump introduces the album he’s producing, Now That’s What I Call My Legal Defense Fund, aka Trump Popz.

“Now you may have seen I’ve been opening my rallies with my wonderful song, Justice for All, which I performed with the J6 choir — that’s a very real thing. Very disturbing,” Trump says. “It was the number one downloaded song. We beat Flowers by Miley … Our song raked in so much cash, I thought, why stop there.”

“I bring in all the hits,” he says, before attempting what appears to be the Black Crowes’ Hard to Handle.

“What a deal — just 30 classic covers, all horrible,” Trump says, adding that it is help “your favorite president to defend our movement and mostly myself from the evil Manhattan Daw,” reading D.A. as one word.

“That means District Attorney,” Trump explains.

Like many past spoofs of the former president and Celebrity Apprentice host, Johnson’s Trump is perhaps unintentionally humorous in that it’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility. SNL in the past satirized Trump’s actual shilling for his own superhero like NFTs.

Johnson is at his best with Trump’s stream of consciousness and gift for exaggeration.

“Me and the first lady Melania are in high spirits,” he says. “Since the news of my possible imprisonment I’ve never seen Melania happier. She’s the most beautiful woman in the world, second only perhaps to many younger, hotter women. Also, just to set the record straight, I didn’t even sleep with Stormy Daniels, but in many ways I did. And isn’t it ironic that the first time I actually pay someone, they try to send me to jail. That’s why you don’t pay people, folks. You never pay people.”

Later in the sketch, Trump performs with figures like Don King (Kenan Thompson), as they attempt Islands in the Stream, and son Don Jr. (Mikey Day), with whom he tries a duet of Boy’s a Liar.

“I might be the last time I see you,” Don Jr. tells his father.

“From your mouth to God’s ears,” Trump says.

Trump ends the skit by telling viewers, “I’ll see you on Tuesday. Will be wild.”

View the full sketch by clicking above.

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